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Free materials for CS AP from IMACS

In addition to this review course, our institute, IMACS, has developed an online AP Computer Science A/AB course including a thorough treatment of GridWorld. For this summer, the full course including GridWorld is freely available to all high school computer science teachers. We would appreciate if you would mention this offer to your workshop participants and let them know that to obtain a username/password, they should call IMACS toll-free at 866.634.6227, or contact me by email at You might want to note that the IMACS AP Computer Science A and AB courses have successfully completed the audit process. For more information on this course visit .

Info on pricing for after the summer:

The eIMACS “AP Computer Science: Java Programming” course is licensed at $9.95 per student, per year, with a 10 student minimum. These classes will remain active for one year from the date it is set up.

There is a $50 per-class, per-year setup fee which includes one instructor license providing access to the complete answer keys and an online grade book for monitoring students’ progress.

New student licenses may be added to existing classes at a cost of $9.95 per student (a minimum of five additional licenses must be purchased). Unused student licenses are not refunded.

It should interest you that this course has been audited by the College Board as an online course meeting or exceeding the expectations colleges and universities have for AP Computer Science. If your students take this course then you are authorized by the College Board to use the "AP" designation in describing or listing the course, and are further authorized to use the "AP" designation on your students' transcripts in association with this course. You do not need to submit an audit. Additional information is provided at

In addition to our APCS course we also offer the review course “Be Prepared for the AP Computer Science Exam in Java”. The fee structure for this review course is:

Per Student Charge: $24.95 for classes of less than 5 students

$19.95 for classes of 5 or more students

$14.95 for classes that also license our “AP Computer Science: Java Programming” course (requires 10 or more students)

There is no class set-up fee for this class. The “Be Prepared” class will stay active through June 30th of the current year.

As with all of our online courses, instructors are provided with access to the course material and solutions to all exercises. In addition, instructors are given an online grade book to register his/her students and monitor their progress.

Purchase orders should be mailed or fax to:


7435 NW 4th Street

Plantation, FL 33317

Fax: 954-791-0260

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