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Lending Library for PicoCrickets for 2007-2008

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) at Georgia Tech has 36 PicoCricket kits that we can lend to schools. Each kit comes in a box with the parts sorted and counted. Each kit needs to be returned sorted and counted using the form included with each kit. You will have to leave a deposit of $50.00 when you borrow up to 6 kits and a deposit of $100.00 when you borrow up to 12 kits. If the kits are not returned sorted and counted the deposit will be forfeited. Also, any missing or broken parts will be deducted from the deposit (except for small connectors). If you choose to leave the deposit in the form of a check make it payable to the "Georgia Institute of Technology". The check will be returned with a confimration letter if the kits are returned on time and in good condition (sorted, counted, and with all parts).

Each school can borrow up to 12 of the kits at a time for a time period up to 3 weeks. The teacher is responsible for picking up the kits from Georgia Tech and for returning the kits to Georgia Tech unless other arrangements have been made. The sign-up is first come first served. Please send e-mail to Felicia Auzla ( 404-894-6858) and tell her your name, school name, the number of kits you wish to borrow, the date you will pick up the kits, and the date you will return the kits. You will receive e-mail letting you know if your request has been granted.

Please allow five business days between return date and pickup date for sorting and checking; five days are also needed to approve your request. Approved requests will be added to this list
PersoneMailSchoolNumber KitsPickup DateReturn Date
Elizabeth ParrishElizabeth.Parrish@cobbk12.orgCampbell HS6Sept 6Sept 18LL
Barb Ericsonericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech20Oct 5Oct 22girl scouts
Barb Ericsonericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech10Oct 12Oct 15 teacher workshop
Barb Ericsonericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech25Oct 26Oct 29girl scout workshop
Barb Ericson ericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech30Feb 15Feb 18Intro a Girl to Eng Day
Barb Ericsonericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech30Feb 29March 3girl scout workshop
Barb Ericson ericson@cc.gatech.eduGeorgia Tech30March 28 March 31 girl scout workshop

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