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How to set up for the AP Bowl

Contact OIT and check that the rooms you want to hold the AP Bowl in have working PRS systems.

Go to the room. Login at the computer in the room. Start PRS and create a class with id's from the clickers
you are using. Use 11 in front of the number like 112020. Use the clicker id as the student id. Then click on
Port 1 and test it. Turn on the clickers and try to press any button. It should register.

When doing the AP bowl start the prs software and create a class. Add each student to the roster as they arrive and hand
them a clicker. Then start the powerpoint test slides and use they for practice. When you start the powerpoint it will ask if you
want to start a session. Click on yes. When the students are ready start the
real powerpoint and start the question (click arrow at upper left) and they will click. You can show the responses on one of the
projected screen if you have 2 screens. When they all have responded end the question and move on to the next slide and start that question. When done go back to the prs software and mark the session. Take a picture of the results and save it as a jpg. Also export the session data as a csv file.

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