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RoboCup Junior Workshop March 31st 2007

We will be hosting a RoboCup Junior Workshop for mentors on Sat March 31st 2007 in room 1456 of the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. The RoboCup Junior Competition will be July 2-8th 2007 at Georgia Tech. We hope to have about 50 teams from Georgia take part in the RoboCup Junior competition. If you are interested in attending the March 31st workshop please sign up at

See for directions to Klaus and parking information. The State Street Visitors Lot doesn't charge for parking on Saturday. For hotel information see Hotels near Georgia Tech for 2007. Please bring a laptop and a built robot if you can.

At the workshop you will learn more about RoboCup Junior and do some hands-on training on LEGO RIS 2.0 or NXT robots. There will also be hands-on learning about the new software for the NXT.

RoboCupJunior is a robotics competition for middle and high school students that provides a consistent challenge from year to year, with very open ended rules. RoboCupJunior includes three challenges: Soccer, Rescue, and Dance.

See for details on RoboCup Junior.
See for information on all RoboCup events.

Students who can help:

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