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Dr. Collette L. Keeton

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If you do not have Word 2003 here is a pdf version of Smart Programming in Java for Multiple Intelligences (MI) :). It was my first draft so it is not as complete.

CLK Lesson Plan for Drawings and Classifications of IT.doc

IT Rubric.doc

The Example IT Activity for MI Websites is in development as students complete all page and website components.

Uploaded Image: ckice2.JPG

This Power Point is located on my homepage in my county and is one of the recruiting methods and sample of our MI Website creation tools.

Here is a Power Point of our learning at the Robotics Workshop!! Enjoy,we did!!!

Interdisciplinary Plan for ePortfolio Project and Competitions such as RoboCup Dance

We are creating slogans and logos for our Pending Robotics Club and our Communications Academy Banner using Adobe In-Design and other graphic software such as Serif Photo Plus 10. Check Back to see the winning entries!

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