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Teachers that attended Beg Prog in Java 2006

Green Screen Pictures, Beginning Programming 2006
Mark Guzdial (Part-time instructor)

  1. Mrs. Emmie Allmon
  2. Ms. Edith Brothers
  3. Ms. Courtney Bryant
  4. Mr. Hsi (David) Chang
  5. Mr. Linas Coleman
  6. Mr. Bryan Cox
  7. Mrs. Mary Greene, Instructor
  8. Mrs. Trudy Greenway
  9. Ms. Mary Haynes
  10. Mrs. Marian Hesse
  11. Ms. Anne Horowitz
  12. Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson
  13. Mr. Jon Johnson
  14. Mrs. Alison Lamb
  15. Ms. Beverly McGuire
  16. Ms. Kelley Mitchell
  17. Mr. Olatide Ogunfiditimi
  18. Mr. Shawn Parker
  19. Ms. Jeannie Ray
  20. Mrs. Yvonne Rountree
  21. Mrs. Jeanne Sanders
  22. Mrs. Johnna Spires
  23. Mr. William (Bill) Strickland
  24. Mr. Nga Warren
  25. Mrs. Gwendolyn Wilson
  26. Mr. Barry Young

Mr. Hsi (David) Chang did not attend mornings
Ms. Anne Horowitz did not attend the last day
Mr. Nga Warren did not attend the entire workshop

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