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AP Bowl April 22, 2006

The AP Bowl has been cancelled due to only 3 schools attending. We will try again next year.

The Institute for Computing Education is hosting an AP Bowl on Saturday April 22nd from 1:00pm - 4:00pm at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech in rooms 16 and 17. For directions to the College of Computing see: The nearest parking lot is a the corner of State Street and Ferst (The State Street Visitor Lot). It charges a max of $8.00 a day. But, there is no charge for parking here on a Saturday.

We will be using a personal response system (PRS) that looks like a remote control. Each student will be issued a PRS and will use that to answer a multiple choice question in a set amount of time. We will track each student and each team's performance (average) and use that to determine the top teams and top students. We will break into two groups: A only and AB.

Each team can have 3-4 people on it.

Please edit this page to let me know if you are attending and how many students you will be bringing. Let me know how many parents you are bringing. We will have a special program for them. Also let me know how many are A and AB.

Lassiter High School,, 3-5 teams
Chamblee, 20 kids
North Gwinnett HS,, 2 teams

May attend next year:
Shannon Miller
Ruth Hurley

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