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Find the location of the tools.jar file for Java 1.5

Use the search feature to find the Java 1.5 version of the tools.jar file

Click on the Start button at the lower left corner of the screen
Then click on Search

Uploaded Image: search.jpg

Then click on all files and folders
Uploaded Image: searchResWindow.jpg

Type in tools.jar as what you want to search for and wait for it to find the tools.jar files. Record the path
of the tools.jar file that has 1.5 in the path. If you don't find a 1.5 one but only a 1.4 one you probably just have the Java run-time for 1.5 installed. Go and install the sdk or jdk for Java 1.5 and then do this again.

In the window below there is a 1.4 version a 1.5_04 version and a 1.5_05 version. I would use the latest 1.5 version, so I would record the path for the 1.5_05 version.
Uploaded Image: searchOutcome.jpg

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