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AP Case Study Workshop Jan 24-25 2005 Attendees

  1. Hilaire A Anelone, Southside Comprehensive High School, Mathematics, Cs
  2. Eddie T Lindsey lll, Northside High School, Information Technology
  3. Allen D Powers, Camden County High School, Computer Maintenance & Repair
  4. Leovan E Vera, North Springs High School, Ap Computer Science

  1. Abe Ghebru St. Pius X Catholic High School
  2. Rick Buice Darlington School
  3. Jim Edgar Wesleyan School
  4. Todd Perry

  1. Denise P Baptiste, Cross Keys High School, Math, Computer Science
  2. Janet S Blouin, Brookwood High School, Business Education
  3. Lynda S Brown, Pope High School, Business And Information Technology, And Marketing
  4. Patricia C Daniel, North Atlanta High School, Mathematics
  5. Ria Galanos, Centennial High School, Apcs A
  6. Mohamad A Hindawi, Tucker High School, Ap-Comp Sc / Math
  7. Shannon D Miller, Columbia High School, Ap Computer Science, Programming And Sys Management, Geometry, Algebra
  8. Susan H Mistretta, Chamblee High School, Ap Computer Science
  9. Deepa K Muralidhar, Northview High School, Ap Computer Science
  10. Jason L Naile, Parkview High School, Computer Science
  11. Kelly A Powers, Chattahoochee High School, Ap Computer Science
  12. Steven C Thedford, Redan High School, Ap Computer Science A
  13. Sharquinta M Tuggle, Clarkston High School, Secondary Math And Ap Computer Science
  14. Michelle L Venable-Foster, South Gwinnett High School, Math/Computer Science
  15. Larry Wilkes, North Cobb High School, Computer Science