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AP CS A Seminar Series

These two hour seminars will focus on helping new and existing APCSA teachers by providing interactive activities, instructional resources, and allowing them to network with each other. Each session will be from 10am-12pm on various AP topics, such as String, loops, recursion and the new AP Labs. Lunch will be provided.

Seminars at Georgia Tech will take place at the College of Computing, Room 345. Directions can be found here:
Parking can be found at the State Street Lot for $2/hour. Directions can be found here:

The November 14th seminar will be at The Walker School, Bowden Library Building, Room M210. Teachers should park at the north end of the lot that runs in front of the school along Cobb Parkway.

Here is the proposed topics subject to change:
Oct. 10th - Strings and Magpie Lab (at Georgia Tech)
Nov. 14th - Loops and Conditionals (The Walker School)
Dec. 12th - Arrays and Picture Lab (at Georgia Tech)
Jan. 30th - Classes and OO - Elevens Lab (at Georgia Tech)
Feb. 13th - Searching and Sorting (at Georgia Tech)
Mar. - Recursion (at Georgia Tech)
Apr. 16th - Picture Lab and Steganography (at Georgia Tech)

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