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CS Principles - June 29 - July 2nd, 2015

Registration List for June 29-July 2nd: CSP

The Institute for Computing Education (ICE) at Georgia Tech is offering 4 days (30 hours) of teacher professional development to help prepare teachers to teach the CS Principles (CSP) course from June 29th to July 2nd 2015. Please note that the workshop runs from 8:30am - 4:30pm every day.

You can apply for the workshop at: We will give preference to teachers who are teaching CSP in the fall, teachers who don't have any prior textual programming experience, teachers who want to try our ebook, and teachers who lead professional development for other teachers.

This is a blended learning opportunity for teachers who are interested in teaching CS Principles. We are especially targeting teachers who don't have any prior textual programming experience. We will start with a webinar to introduce the eBook and expect participants to work through the first 6 chapters in our new eBook for CSP teachers before the face-to-face workshop. The eBook includes Python programs that you can run directly in the browser. It also includes multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank questions, and mixed up code problems to provide practice with computing concepts. We are also working on a companion student eBook that will be ready by fall 2015. To learn more about the eBook and the study go to

Due to our NSF grant we can provide hotel and additional meals (not alcohol or room service) for a limited number of teachers. We will provide lunch for all attendees and cover parking for those who are not staying at the hotel.

Learning Objectives:
• Begin to prepare teachers with no prior programming experience to teach CS Principles though both in-person professional development and online learning.
• Introduce the big ideas in CSP and provide hands-on sample projects and lessons in each of the big ideas.
• Create a community of practice for CSP teachers through in-person professional development, an online group, and support for small “reading” groups to work through the eBook.
• Include hands-on experience with ArtBotics, which uses LEGO robots to create kinetic sculptures.

Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Thursday
Location: Georgia Tech, Klaus 1207
Instructors: Barbara Ericson and Gail Chapman
Parking: State Street Lot $2/hour
Directions to Parking:
Workers: Dominic, Kenneth, and Robert

Links from the Workshop
URL to live binder
Google Drive
Artbotics information
LEGO Education -
Robotics at U Mass
Lending library at Georgia Tech -

CSP Site - and (older site)
College Board community

Curriculum and Lesson Plans for CSP - Teacher materials
Rebecca Dovi's (Code Virginia) materials -
Tom Cortina materials -
Mobile CSP site for Teachers and resources
Beauty and Joy site from Berkeley for CSP
Online book for teaching with Alice 2.3
CS4Alabama online course for CSP teachers
Texas inquiry based materials materials and so far - more coming by fall

Networks for Teachers of CSP
CS10K community - has resources for ECS and CSP and runs webinars

Blown to bits - free online book -
Materials to go with Blown to bits book
CS Illuminated -

Teacher Tools
tool to handle student work, can enter grades, and create quizzes -
dropbox (up to 2GB free) -
Schoologoloy -

Tools and Environments for teaching programming
EarSketch - write programs to remix music in Python or JavaScript -

Videos about Georgia Tech's Threads (areas in CS)

Links from teacher lessons
The Internet in 5 minutes
RSA encryption and decryption - online development environment for Python
UUhistle - code visualizer that works with Python - needs to be downloaded -
RUR-PLE - download environment for Python -
Discovering Computers 2010 - online materials and book -
Wheel of terms from Discovering Computers
How to build a PC -,2601.html
Free online for playing games on phones or laptops - can create your own game or play others -
Exploring Computer Science curriculum - Drawing Pictures Activity -

Post Survey -

Tenative Agenda

Day 1 – 7.5 hours of contact time
• Introduction to the 7 big ideas, computational thinking practices, learning objectives, essential questions, essential knowledge statements, and enduring understandings
• It is all just bits (numbers, characters, web pages, pictures, sounds)
• Capabilities and limitations of computers.
• Tour of resources (lesson plans, free on-line tools, CS10K website, other curriculum – Mobile CSP (, (unit 1 - and unit 2 -
• The Internet, security and cryptography

Day 2 – 7.5 hours of contact time
• hands-on building of robot that can draw and drawing your artwork
• Planning and building a kinetic sculpture
• Discussion of how to teach this
• Information about Georgia Tech’s lending library and ways to get robotic kits

Day 3 – 7.5 hours of contact time
• Internet, security, and cryptography (continued)
• Programming concepts (variables, sequential execution, loops, conditionals)

Day 4 – 7.5 hours of contact time
• Panel of pilot teachers and their experience
• How to pace the course
• Writing in CSP
• Portfolio assessments
• Sample exam
• How to create a reading group for the eBook

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