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Registration List for February 8 Robotics Workshop

  1. Mechele Wilder, Upton Lee High School,
  2. Dana Graham, The Lovett School,
  3. Theresa Luciano, The STEM Academy at Barlett Middle School,
  4. Susan Daly, May Howard Elementary,
  5. Sanders McCown, Lithia Springs High School,
  6. Raegan Dillon, May Howard Elementary,
  7. Cynthia Anderson, Robotics Plus,
  8. Teresa Young, The Lovett School,
  9. Dominic Baula, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory,

  1. Ramona Calvey, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy,
  2. Jennifer Jean, Cherokee High School,
  3. Carla Thornton, Cherokee High School,

No Shows:
  1. Garry Brown, Stephenson High School,
  2. Amouya Anelone, Maynard Jackson High School,

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