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Ideas for what to do with the Finch robots

The following ideas are from Dan Eliot from the AP CS A list serve
(1) I make use of the temperature sensor, color LED, sound, wheel movements, and accelerometer most.
(2) I don't use the collision avoidance stuff, because with 17 finches in one room, I don't want them crashing into each other and getting stepped on. Plus, collision isn't as "solid" and consistent as the other sensors.
(3) I connect the Finch with Gridworld (!) and have the kids control the Finch via "buttons" in Gridworld. So Gridworld becomes an on screen remote control for the Finch.
(4) I have the kids use GPDraw (part of the old ICT Curriculum) to create an "Etch A Sketch" program.
(5) All of my labs are "home grown". My labs include:
A) Rainbow Finch (LED color changes, good first lab to get them used to the Finch, plus it can sit on the table for the whole lab)
B) Temperature Finch (use temp sensor, having LED Red when temp is increasing, Blue when temp is decreasing. Incorporates a loop with the finch)
C) Sound Finch (use various sound methods)
D) Rave Finch (have the finch dance, with sound, with flashing LEDs)
E) GUIMotorFinch (Use Gridworld "buttons" to control the finch as a remote control. Kids love controlling the finch with buttons.)
F) GPDrawFinch (Etch-A-Sketch using Accelorometer and GP Draw. We hold the finch like a video game controller and draw)

The following ideas are from Crystal Furman of Georgia
1) Make a Mood Finch that tells you if you are feeling blue or hot based on the temperature sensor.
2) Make a Rudolph the Red Nose Finch that has the beak turn red if the light sensor detects low light conditions.

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