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Meeting at Georgia Tech on Sunday October 20th

Meeting will be held in the Klaus Advanced Computing building. Setup computers in the classroom, room 1447. Parents and students will assemble in the Auditorium, room 1443.

Agenda for meeting:

1:00pm- Arrival of students and parents and gathering in room 1443- set up an area for a sign in table. One worker should greet parents and students and have them sign in.

1:15pm-2:45pm- Students in room 1447 for pre-attitude survey and pre-content knowledge assessment. Parent will be on the tour at this time.

2:45pm- Parents will join students
• Introduce Ja’Quan, Bre’Ana and Kamryn
•Our students talk about experiences with Computing
•Show Finch, Kinect, Greenfoot

3:00pm -Questions

Workers: Ja'Quan, Bre'Ana, Kamryn, Tours- Louis, Madeleyne and Nicholas
Materials: Finch, phone, kinect, laptops, mice and chargers

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