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Find the missing animal cube activity

This activity requires people to work together and doesn't have just one answer.

There are 3 different cubes. Each face on the cube has 3 numbers and the name of an animal expect for one face that only has one number on it. One number is the position of the first letter in the word in the alphabet. One number is the length of the word. One number is the position of the last letter in the word in the alphabet. But, don't tell your participants this. Let them figure it out.

Make enough cubes for your participant to use in groups of 2-3 people. Spread out the different cubes so that groups that are next to each other have different cubes. Show the participants the cubes and ask them to figure out blank side. The trick is that no one group has all the information so they need to talk to other groups to find out what that group has on their cube. Once they have all three numbers for the blank side they can come up with solutions. There are
two possible solutions: mouse and moose.

Get the zip file for the cubes from dropbox using the link below. You get the plans for each of the 3 cubes, a description of the activity, and a blank cube. Print the cubes and cut them out and then tape them together.

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