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Registration List for July 8-12 - CS Principles (Python/App Inventor)

  1. Beth Rueger, Lambert High School, erueger at
  2. Cindy Richardson, South Paulding High School, crichardson at
  3. Seth Reicheison, Lake Brantley High School, seth_reichelson at - Attending 7/8-10 Only
  4. Craig Ham, Westminister Schools, Cham at
  5. Emmanuel Deas, Clarkston High School, emmanuel_l_deas at
  6. Gloria Clemons, Albany Middle School, gclemons at
  7. Darin Clifft, Memphis University School, darin.clifft at
  8. Shannon Miller, Dunwoody High School, Shannon_d_miller at
  9. Jose Helena, Shiloh High School, Jose_Helena at - Attending 7/8-9 Only
  10. Susan DeBacker, Creekland Middle School, susan.debacker at - Attending 7/8-10 Only
  11. Steven Thedford, Dekalb Online Academy, Steven_C_Thedford at
  12. Thomas Watts, Monroe High School, thomas.watts at
  13. Marcus Sudderth, GIVE East, marcus_sudderth at
  14. Briana Floyd, Eastminster School, briana.floyd at

  1. Iulian Irimina
  2. Jermel Byrd
  3. Andres Pinzon
  4. Zen McGill
  5. Dougie Talley
  6. Yaa Hatcher
  7. Suzy Lebo
  8. Angela Bateman

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