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9/14/13 GSGATL Robotics Escape Fall 2013

Open to Girl Scouts: Grades 2nd 8th
Max: 25 girls at each station and a Total of 100 girls
Registration: 8:30 am
Event time: 9:00 am 3:00 pm
Location: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, rooms 1443, 1447, 1456, 2443, 2456, 2447, 1116 East, and 1116 West. Registration and lunch will be held in the large atrium in the Klaus Admin building.

Girl Scouts Robotics Escape 9/14/2013

Kell Robotics will be located in Klaus 1447.
Genius will be located in Klaus 1443.

Directions to Klaus can be found here: Signs will be placed outside to guide participants to the location. Please park in the State Street Parking lot. This lot charges $2.00 an hour in advance.

The girls will be doing 60 minute rotations with 5 minutes between each rotation. ICE will be hosting NXT I - SpinArt, NXT II - Domobots, WeDo, and Pleo sessions. We will pre-build the NXT robots (domabots and spin art) and We Dos (ball kickers and goalies). Lunch will be provided for ICE Workers by Girls Scouts.

Build Instructions can be found here: Domobots - (but add wires to connect the motors to ports B and C) and SpinArt -

The number of girls for each group that is registered: Group 1 (Brownies) - 25, Group 2 (Brownies) - 25, Group 3 (Juniors) - 27, Group 4 (Cadettes) - 12 but they added some 5th graders so 21 total

Rotation Schedule:
TimeNXT I - SpinArt/Pleo (Klaus 2447)NXT II - Domobots (Klaus 2443)WeDo (Klaus 2456)Finch (Klaus 1456)
8:30am-9:00am - Arrival/Check-in
9:15am-10:15amLEGO NXT I/Brownies (Group 1)LEGO NXT II/JuniorsWeDo/Brownies (Group 2)Finch/Cadettes - extra 5th graders in 1116 doing Pleo
10:20am-11:20amLEGO NXT I/Brownies (Group 2) WeDo/Brownies (Group 1) Finch/Juniors
12:25pm-1:30pmPleo/Brownies (Group 2)LEGO NXT II/Cadettes Extra 5th graders Finch/Brownies (Group 1)
10 minute transfer/bio break
1:40pm-2:40pmPleo/Brownies (Group 1) Finch/Brownies (Group 2)
10 minutes for Girl Evaluations
3:00pm Parent Pick Up Begins
WorkersJillian, Nicholas, and AlexandraMadeleyne, Dominic, and ArchanaEmily, Jasmine, and BlaireLouis, Barry, and Karima

Brownies - 2-3rd Grade
Juniors - 4-5th Grade
Cadettes - 6-8th Grade
NXT I - SpinArt
NXT II - Domobots

Equipment: Laptops, mice and chargers, LEGO NXTs(usb connectors), We Do, WeDo Workmats,Finches, Finch Workmats, and Pleos (extra batteries)
Materials: Pre-cut circles, Markers, balls for We Do,blue painters tape,cs unplugged activities,brochures and flyers about upcoming Girl Scout events
Note: Students will have to move Finch robots from Klaus 1456 after the morning session before lunch to Klaus 2447.

Workers: Jillian, Emily, Louis, Karima, Alexandra, Madeleyne, Blaire, Dominic, Jasmine, Archana, Nicholas, and Barry

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