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3/29/14 Interactive Computing with LEGO WeDo

Time: 12 pm-3 pm
Open to Girl Scouts: 3rd-6th grades
Max:60 girls
Location: Klaus Advanced Computing,room 1443

Girl Scout LEGO WeDo Workshop 3/29/2014

Build an airplane or a bird that flaps its wings and use them to control a virtual plane or bird. Program your creation using free software called Scratch by just snapping blocks together to tell the computer what to do.

Directions to the Klaus Building can be found here: Please park in the State Street Parking lot which is $2.00 per hour. You can find direction to the parking lot here:


Materials: Laptops, mice and chargers(1 for every 2 students) We Do kits (1 for 2) and balls
Workers: Dominic, Karima (lead), Corey, Quinn, Caroline, Christy, Barry

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