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11/16/13 3D Storytelling with Alice - Cancelled

This event was cancelled due to low participation.

Time: 12pm - 3pm
Open to Girl Scouts: 6th-12th grades
Max: 60 girls (one girl per laptop - but split into a middle school group and a high school group)
Location: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 1447(high school) and 1456 (middle school)

Create your own 3D story with free software called Alice. Alice has lots of 3D models of things like fairies, animals, and zombies that you can position and control. Snap together blocks to tell your characters what to do.

Directions to the Klaus Building can be found here: Please park in the State Street Parking lot which is $2.00 per hour. You can find direction to the parking lot here: Workers review the materials on the workshop here:


Materials: Laptops, mice and chargers (1 for every student)
Workers: High School group - Alice 3.1 - Louis (lead), Alexandra, Middle School group- Storytelling Alice - Nicholas, Karima(lead), Corey

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