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10/12/13 Robotics Team Training

October 12, 2013: Girl Scout Robotics Team Training

Time: 12pm - 3pm
Instructor: Christopher Michaud
Open to Girl Scouts: 6th - 12th Grades
Max: 40 girls
Location: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 1456
Workers: Dominic(lead student), Barry, Archana

Christopher Michaud is an experienced mentor for FIRST competitions.

Intro, Surveys (15 minutes)

Session 1: Building Using Symmetry, Simplicity, and Strength in Robot Design (45 minutes)

Session 2: Autonomous Robot Programming: Dead reckoning, Sensor Stops and Line Following (45 Minutes)

Session 3: FLL Practice Missions: (Go and Do, Go and Get, Go and Stay) (60 Minutes)

Wrap Up, Surveys, clean up. (15 minutes)

The website for the workshop with the detailed directions is at:


Directions to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building can be found here Parking in the State Street lot is $2.00 per hour.

Materials: LEGO NXT Kits (12), Resource Kits(6) (1 for every 2 NXT kits), laptops (14), mice, chargers, foam boards, painters tape.

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