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Intro a girl to Engineering day Feb 9, 2013

Intro a girl to Engineering Day

Our contact is Melloney Douce [].

About 20 minutes per activity

Bring about 4 Pleos (2 new X-mas ones with greeting cards) and SD cards with personalities and kids will just play with the Pleos, 6 pre-built LEGO domobots with usb cords ( and 6 spin art ( at least 2 kits for replacement parts, and 11 Nexus phones and 22 laptops. They will provide the tables and power strips. We will also need blue painters tape to make a course for the domobots and paper and markers and scissors for the spin art(cut circles ahead of time). For App Inventor start with Cowbell_Starter and save as Cowbell and then follow the instructions at

Put summer camp flyers on the tables (150 flyers) and Dot Diva brochures (30). We will need internet access in order to use App Inventor.

Time: Setup about 9:00am and it starts at 10:00am and over by 12:15pm (the parents come up at 12:00pm).
Location: Blue Ballroom at the Student Center.

Workers: Cayla (Lead), Blaire, Demonte , Morgan , Megan , and Madison

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