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10/26-27/2012 Serendipity

Serendipity (Camp Meriweather) is an event where the girl scouts go camping with their Moms. They go to different activites each hour and we are providing one of the activities.

Girl Scout Serendipity: October 26 and 27

We will be going up on Friday night with 12 laptops and 16 WeDos with build manuals and activities instructions. We will be doing the Ball Kicker (and balls) and Top Spinner. We will pre-bulild about 4 Ball Kickers and 4 Top Spinners the night before. We will also bring flyers for our other Girl Scout events at Georgia Tech (about 60), power strips and extension cords, the dot diva brochures, the imagine your future in computing brochures, and the talking points card from NCWIT. Give the flyers, brochures, and cards to parents. The flyers are very important since that is how we get more girls to attend our workshops at Georgia Tech.

Workshop times on Saturday: 9am - 12pm, 2pm - 5pm. You will be conducting 1 hour sessions: 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
Rotation Times for morning and afternoon sessions are:

Kids can either use the pre-built WeDo or build one themselves if they have time.

9:00-10:00am (probably till 9:50 for time to move to next activity) You might want them to take apart what they have built about 9:45am.


You need to do set-up the night before. You may need to put up tables and set up the chairs and power strips.
Set up will be in the dining hall. Pre-build 4 Ball Kickers and 4 top spinners on Friday night.

Kathy Elliot (Organizer) will meet the students at the arts and crafts pavilion, next to the parking lot.

The camp will be providing Friday dinner through Saturday lunch for all the staff that weekend (you are welcome to eat dinner Saturday night there if you would like). They will need to bring bedding (we have bare mattresses), toiletries to include a towel, change of clothes, and they may want a flashlight, bug repellent, and jacket if they want to spend time outdoors.

We need to let Kathy Elliot know for which meals the volunteers will be joining the rest of the camp. And if any volunteers that are coming are males - that will make a difference in the sleeping arrangements, as they are a Girl Scout camp.

Take I-85 South to exit 41 (Moreland), turn Left onto US-27 Alt. and pass underneath the highway. Follow US-27 Alt for 7.7 miles until you enter Luthersville. Turn Left at the traffic light onto Luthersville-Rocky Mount Rd. Travel about 1.5 miles down the road and take a Left onto Meadows Boone Rd (this turn is very easy to miss as it's a sharp T intersection, watch carefully on the left). You'll pass 4 houses and the road with turn sharply to the right, the camp's main gate is 0.5 miles around the corner on the Left.

Workers:Zoe ] (lead)driver and Madeleyne

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