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AP Bowl, April 13, 2013

AP Bowl 4.13.2013

The winners from the AP Bowl were:
1st place - Chris Whelan, Lambert High School, 39 out of 40
2nd place - Sean Dai, South Forsyth High School, 37 out of 40
3rd place - Kenneth Maassen, North Cobb Christian School, 36 out of 40
4th place - Peter Keith, Whitefield Academy, 35 out of 40 and Matt Synder, Whitefield Academy, 35 out of 40
5th place - Jea Du Kim, Lambert High School, 34 out of 40 and Laboni Hoque, Brookwood High School, 34 out of 40

Originally the winners were announced as shown below. However, the scoring sheets had the wrong answers for 2 question and didn't match the key and so these rankings were incorrect.
1st place - Chris Whelan and Kenneth Maassen
2nd place - Sean Dai and Jea Du Kim
3rd place - Matt Synder

This event will be from 9:30am - 12:00pm in the College of Computing (CCB) rooms 016, 017, 101, and 102. Directions to the College of Computing can be found here: This event is open to 9th-12th grade students who are in an AP CS A course and/or who will take the AP C A exam. Students must register to attend. Register here: You must register to attend so that we will know how many tests to print. Registration will close Tues April 9th at 9:00pm.

We will probably give away at least $3,000 this year. We will give prizes to the top 5 finishers and the rest of the prizes will be raffled off to the rest of the students who take the practice exam.

This will be a paper-based multiple choice test similar to the AP CS A multiple choice part. There will be 40 questions and students will have 75 minutes to complete the exam.

Teachers do not have to attend in order for the students to attend. There will be an information session for parents while the students are taking the exam.

Students should bring a pen or pencil and a water bottle.

For information from 2012 see

159 students registered for the AP Bowl. The students were 34 female (21.3%), 125 male (78.6%). The numbers by self-reported race were: 70 Asian (44%), 60 White (37.7%), 15 Black (9.4%), 7 Multi-racial (4.4%), 3 Hispanic (1.8%), 3 Other (1.8%), and 1 Native American / Alaskan Native (0.6%)

123 students attended the AP Bowl
No Response5%6
No Response4.9%6

Schools with Students Registered - 23

Alpharetta High School - Tom Hatcher - 17
Brookwood High School - Crystal Furman - 9
Dunwoody High School - Shanon Miller - 4
Howard High School - Joe Finkelstein - 2
Johns Creek High School - Kristin Ham-Brodt - 5
Lakeside High School - Ms. Cox - 1
Lambert High School - Beth Rueger - 6
Marietta High School - Steven C. Thedford - 1
Meadowcreek High School - Mr.Shawn Merchant - 1
Mountain View High School - Marlena Booker - 4
North Cobb Christian School - Barbara Fox - 2
North Gwinnett High School - Crystal Furman - 2
Northview High School - Denise Peek and Angela Flannery - 55
Parkview High School - Stephanie Arrington - 1
River Ridge High School - Matt Bohon - 1
Roswell High School - Ken Lee - 8
Scholars Guild - John Morris -John Morris - 3
South Forsyth High School - James O'Connor - 5
The Walker School - Thomas Cooper - 3
Wheeler High School - Latrice Wicker - 10
Whitefield Academy - Kyle Justice - 9
Woodstock High School - Karen Zayance - 1
Homeschool - 3

Workers: Kyle (Lead), Pushkara , Jillian , Karima , Laura , and April
Teacher Proctors: Barbara Fox and Elizabeth Rueger
Admissions Presentation: Jennifer Whitlow 10:15am-11:15am
Materials needed: raffle tickets, certificates for winners

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