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Marissa Mayer July 2012

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Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer Computer Scientist



Received her B.S in symbolic systems and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University where she specialized in artificial intelligence.


Mayer was the first female engineer hired at Google and one of their first 20 employees, joining the company in June 1999. She is the VP at Google; Marissa Mayer leads the product management and engineering efforts of Google's applications.


Fortune magazine has listed her for the past 3 years on their annual Most Powerful Women's list, and she was the youngest ever to appear on the list. She is listed as one of the 50 most powerful women in the world.

Personal Life

She is 37 years old and lives in San Francisco, California. She married Zachary Bogue in December 2009. It was coined Google's Royal Wedding

Marissia's Project Development Checklist

NumberItemYes or No
1Have you done a security check?
2Have you predicted your traffic?
3Have you done an experiment?
4Did the audience already know about it?


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