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Ellen Zegura July 2012

Ellen Zagura

Professor and Chair
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Tech

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Current Research Projects

Prof. Zegura’s research concerns the development of wide-area (Internet) networking services and mobile wireless networking. Wide-area services are utilized by applications that are distributed across multiple administrative domains (e.g., web, file sharing, multi-media distribution). Her focus is on services implemented both at the network layer, as part of network infrastructure, and at the application layer. In the context of mobile wireless networking, she is interested in challenged environments where traditional ad-hoc and infrastructure-based networking approaches fail. These environments have been termed Disruption Tolerant Networks. More detail can be found on her publications page.

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Top Four Cool Things About Dr. Zegura
  1. Dr. Z has taught health care workers in Liberia
  2. Dr. Z was a keynote speaker at the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing awards ceremony
  3. Teaches Computing for Good at the Georgia Institute for Technology
  4. Enjoys Quilting and Bikram Yoga

Dr. Z's Google Scholar Citations

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