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Applicants for Int Prog and Sys Workshop Summer 2005

  1. Ms. Donna Robinson, Milton High School, Fulton,, 770-663-4576, Janet Blouin or Carol Davies (not registered) (GVSDC)
  2. Mrs. Ruth Hurley, Lakeside High School, Columbia,, 706-863-0027 roommate Deborah Ward (GVSDC)
  3. Mrs. Sheila Hancock, Lakeside High School, Columbia,, 706-/863-0027 ext 219 private room (GVSDC)
  4. Ms. Mechele L. Wilder, Upson Lee High School, Upson,, (706) 646-9371 Business Dept #, roomate Sherri Johnson (GVSDC)
  5. Ms. Shirley J. Terry, Greenville High School, Meriwether County,, 406-672-9100 roomate Camey Sanchez (GVSDC)
  6. Ms. Camey Sanchez, Etowah HS, Cherokee,, 770-977-1660 roommate Shirly Terry (GVSDC)
  7. Ms. Tracey Wilson, Central Education Center, coweta,, 678-423-2000, roommate Kym Johnson (GVSDC)
  8. Ms. Johnnie Sue Moore, Jasper County High School, Jasper Co,, 706-468-4988 (GVSDC)
  9. Mrs. Deborah W. Ward, Evans High School, Columbia, (school) (h), 706-863-1198 (school) 706-863-0563 roommate Ruth Hurley
  10. Mrs. Michelle Venable-Foster, South Gwinnett High School, Gwinnett County,, (770) 979-0478 (GVSDC) (not residential)
  11. Ms. Susan Mistretta, Chamblee Charter High School, DeKalb,, 404-545-4072 (GVSDC)
  12. Ms. Sherri S Johnson, Westside High School, Augusta,, 706-868-4030, roommate Mechele L. Wilder (GVSDC)
  13. Ms. Cristal A Sterling-Jones, Creekside High School, Fulton,, 770-969-6070 (GVSDC)
  14. Ms. Kimberly A Johnson, Ringgold High School, Catoosa,, 706-935-2254, roommate Tracey Wilson (GVSDC)
  15. Ms. Diahn H Taylor, Towers High School, DeKalb,, 404-289-7166 roommate Mrs. Davida Curtis (not registered?) (GVSDC)
  16. Mr. Joseph A Willard, Kendrick High School, Columbus, GA,, 706-569-2532 (GVSDC) (private room) (missing Tues)
  17. Ms. Sharquinta Tuggle, Clarkston High School, DeKalb,, (404) 243-9468 (GVSDC)
  18. Ms. Jennifer Uboh, South Cobb High School, Cobb,, 770-732-5682
  19. Ms. Emily McNeeley, North Springs High School, Fulton,, 770-551-2490 (GVSDC)
  20. Mr. Henry Laws, North Clayton High School, Clayton Co,, 770-981-7184

No shows

  1. Mrs. Reyna Johnson, Whitewater High School, Fayette County,, 678-817-7676 (no show)
  2. Mr. Demetrius T. Love, Monroe High School, Dougherty,, 229-438-3511 (no show)
  3. Dr. Patricia Daniel, NOrth Atlanta High School, Fulton (Atlanta Public Schools,, 404-351-0895 (GVSDC) (no show)

Applicants that can't make it this year:

  1. Mrs. Patricia C.McPherson, Woodland High School, Bartow,, 770 547 6478
  2. Ms. Doryiane W Gunter, Riverwood High, Fulton,, 404-847-1980 (GVSDC)
  3. Ms. Desiree' M Williams, Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, DeKalb,, 770-323-2279
  4. Mr. Larry Wilkes, North Cobb High School, Cobb,, 770-975-4261 (GVSDC)

Applicants that are also registered for the Beg Prog and Sys:

  1. Mrs. Doris Good, Cross Creek High School, Richmond,, 706-772-8140 ext. 232
  2. Ms. Patrice Everson, Sol C. Johnson High School, Chatham,, 912-220-2783/912-925-4189

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