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Registration List for AP CS A 2012

We had a total of 33 people attend (2 from Operation Reboot). We had a total of 8 people come from out of state (24%). They came from
Alabama, California, Mass, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Utah. At least 8 people were new to teaching programming (24%). There were 6 regional (18%), 2 from different region (6%).

Registration List:
  1. Ray Parsons, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology,,5hrs 15min missed, no credit
  2. Denise Peek, Northview High School,, 0 time missed, credit
  3. Dana Graham, The Lovett School,, 5min missed, credit
  4. Marlena Booker, Mountain View High School,, 2hrs missed 23min missed, credit
  5. Shawn Merchant, Meadowcreek High School,, 5min missed, credit
  6. Wade Sims, Sparkman High School, AL,, 20min missed, credit
  7. Jacqueline Bowman, Northeast High School,, 2hrs missed, credit
  8. Zen McGill, Spencer High School,, 0 time missed, credit
  9. Julie Burroughs, Centennial HS,, 10min missed, credit
  10. Matt Bohon, River Ridge High School,, 1hr 38min missed, credit
  11. Gail Chapman, Luella High School,, 0 time missed, credit
  12. Julie Wade, Putnam County High School,, 49min missed, credit
  13. Bill Dunklau, Lakehill Preparatory School, TX,, 0 time missed, credit
  14. Jefferson Olney, Northview high School,, 0 time missed, credit
  15. Bob Nielson, Success Academy, Utah,, 0 time missed, credit
  16. Nicole Holland, The Midland Academy of Advanced and Creative Studies, Michigan,, 1hr 15min missed, credit
  17. Larry McCollum,Oaks Christian School, Calif,, 0 time missed, credit
  18. Darrell Andrews, Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High, Virginia,, 15 min missed, credit
  19. Elizabeth Rueger, Lambert High School,, 0 time missed, credit
  20. James Reeder, Providence Day School, North Carolina,, 5 min missed, credit
  21. Yu Liu, Tri-Cities High School,, 1 hr missed, credit
  22. Suzanne Manahan, Kennesaw Mountain HS,, 1hr 20min missed, credit
  23. Joe Finkelstein, Howard High School,, 1hr missed, credit
  24. Edwina Floyd, Columbia High School,,0 time missed, credit
  25. Marie Robinson, Centennial High School,, 0 time missed, credit
  26. Padmaja Bandaru, Advanced Math and Science Academy, Mass,, 1hr 33min missed, credit
  27. Angela Flannery, Northview High School,,0 time missed, credit
  28. Shannon Miller, Dunwoody High School,, 1hr 15 min missed, credit
  29. Ava Brooks, Monroe Area High School,, 2 hrs missed, credit
  30. Carol Cox, Lakeside High School,,0 time missed, credit
  31. John Morris, Scholars Guild, GA,, 0 time missed, credit

Op Reboot:
  1. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson,,18hrs 26min missed, no credit
  2. Rona Williams, North Gwinnett High School,, 0 hrs missed, credit

Wait List:
  1. Trish Lee, Collins High School,

  1. Kevin Brown, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology,
  2. Jeremiah Milonas, Red Bank Regional HS,
  3. Samuel Smith, La Cueva High School. ,New Mexico,
  4. Suzy Lebo, Avon High School,
  5. Paula Whitmire, Oconee County High School,
  6. Michael Kadri, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics,
  7. Thomas Butler,
  8. Melanie Lotz, Cambridge High School,
  9. Richard Binkley,Parkview High School,
  10. William Brown, Tri-Cities High School,

No Show:
  1. Regina Morris Evans, Southwest High School,
  2. Desiree Williams,

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