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Registration List for Computing in the Modern World/Exploring Computer Science

We had 38 people attend (4 from Operation Reboot = 10% pre-service). 1 came from Texas (2%). 11 came from the region (29%). 3 came from other region in the state 8%.

Registration List:

  1. Joi Bynum, Riverdale High School,GA,,10 min missed, credit
  2. Kansas Cooley, Riverdale High School,GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  3. Theresa Friedman, Brookwood High School,GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  4. Gail Green, Berkmar High School,GA,, 5 min missed, credit
  5. Marlena Booker, Mountain View High School,GA,, 45 min missed, credit
  6. Dalecia Benoit, Luella High School,GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  7. Shawn Merchant, Meadowcreek High School, GA,,1hr 3 min missed. credit
  8. Jose Helena, Shiloh High School, GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  9. Angel Rodriguez, North Gwinnett High School, GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  10. Marcus Sudderth, GIVE Center East,GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  11. Pamela Hickman,Douglas County High School, GA,, 2hrs 25 min missed, credit
  12. Yaa Hatcher, South Paulding High School, GA,, 15 min missed, credit
  13. Palak Jani, Creative Career Academy, GA,,55 min missed, credit
  14. Amey Shah, Luella High School,GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  15. Marlena Mobley, Northside High School,GA,, 1 hr missed, credit
  16. Jacqueline Bowman, Northeast High School,GA,, 10 min missed, credit
  17. Ava Brooks, Monroe Area High School, GA,, 1 hr 10 min missed, credit
  18. Jeannie Ray, Marietta High School, GA,, 20 min missed, credit
  19. Shannon Miller, Dunwoody High School,GA,, 30 min missed, credit
  20. Imhotep Brooks, Centennial High School,GA,, 35 min missed, credit
  21. Betia Bentley, Ware County High School,GA,, 1 hour 37 min missed, credit
  22. Yu Liu, Tri-Cities High School,,GA, 0 hrs missed, credit
  23. Hetal Raval, Columbia High School,GA,,Georgia, 7 hrs 5 min missed, no credit
  24. Cheryl Deas, Phoenix High School, GA,, 49 min missed, credit
  25. Charles Kenny, Strake Jesuit College Prep,Texas,, 3 hrs missed, credit
  26. Katherine Williams, Upson-Lee High School,GA,,0 hrs missed, credit
  27. Julie Wade, Putnam County High School,GA,, 12 min missed, credit
  28. Kim Hatcher, Central High School, GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  29. Mechele Wilder, Upson-Lee High School, GA,, 30 min missed, credit
  30. Velmarea Cager, Cobb County Schools, GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  31. Jennifer Uboh, Cherokee High School,GA,jennifer.uboh@cherokee,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  32. Ira Andrews,Lakeside HS, GA, 0 hrs missed, credit
  33. Gene Durden, Buford High School, GA,, 2 hrs missed, credit
  34. Rochelle Jones,Phoenix High School,GA,, 25min missed, credit

Operation Reboot
  1. Ramona Calvey, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, GA,, 4hrs 30 min missed - no credit
  2. Robert Bettis, Operation Reboot, GA,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  3. Richard Binkley, Parkview High School, GA,, 5 min missed, credit
  4. Ron Friedman, Lanier High School, GA,, 3 hrs missed, credit

Wait List:
  1. Jill Canine, Putnam High School,
  2. Michel Blochowski, St. Francis de Sales High School,
  3. Mamadou Kane, Academy at Palumbo,
  4. Cindy Thorne, Mill Springs Academy,
  5. Regina Evans, Southwest High School,
  6. Doris Stewart, Moore Middle School,
  7. Lilian Durant-Adkins, Ronald E. McNair Middle School,

  1. Joanne Thomas, National Cathedral School,
  2. Michael Catlapp, Tranquillity High School,
  3. Christye Johnson, Lithonia High School,

No Show:
  1. Gloria Clemons, Albany Middle School,
  2. Erin Krause, Wheeler High School,
  3. Seandra Hill, Tucker Middle School, seandra_hill@fc.dekalb,

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