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Attendance List for March 31,2012

We had 20 people attend with 3 from Operation Reboot so were pre-service (15%). 3 were from the region (15%) and 4 were from outside regions (20%).

Attendance List
  1. Jo Ray Van Vilet,, Pace Academy
  2. Linas Coleman,, McNair High School
  3. Roger Jacobson,, Shaw High School
  4. Carol Broussard,, Renaissance Middle School
  5. Steve Wells,, Chattanooga Valley Middle School, Walker Co, GA
  6. Yaa Hatcher,, South Paulding High School
  7. Vermarea Cager,, Cobb County Schools
  8. Angela Thompson,, Herd County Schools
  9. Brian Tansey,, Mill Creek High School, credit
  10. Letoria Thompson,, Sequoyah Middle School
  11. Marlena Mobley,, Northside High School
  12. Julie Wade,, Putnam County High School
  13. Ava Brooks,, Monroe Area High School
  14. Marian Hesse,, DeKalb County Schools (arrived 1 hour late)
  15. Akiba Gilbert, Maynard Jackson High School, (Operation Reboot co-teacher)
  16. Gary Liu,, Tri Cities High School, credit, (Operation Reboot co-teacher)
  17. Michael Reilly,, Lanier High School (Operation Reboot co-teacher)

Operation Reboot
  1. William Brown,, Tri Cities High School
  2. Ron Friedman,, Lanier High School
  3. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson High School (arrived 1.5 hours late)

  1. Tara Whitteker, Wayne County High School
  2. Pintu Thaker, Meadowcreek High School
  3. Sharon McGee, Autrey Mill Middle School
  4. Cara Norton, Dacula High School
  5. Thomas Cooper, The Walker School
  6. Ramona Calvey, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy
  7. Kristin Ham, Johns Creek High School (sick)
  8. LaSonya Smith, Miller Grove High School

No Show
  1. Janice Coleman, Chamblee Charter High School
  2. Tonya Dorris, Chamblee Charter High School
  3. Felecia Moore, Callaway Middle School

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