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Registration List for Beginning Programming/CS Principles 2012

We had a total of 33 people attend (7 from Operation Reboot - 21%). We had a total of 4 people come from out of state (12.12%). They came from Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. At least __ people were new to teaching programming (percentage). There were 6 regional (18%), and 6 from different regions (18%).

Registration List:
  1. Paula Whitmire, Oconee County High School,Georgia,, 1hr 3min missed, credit
  2. Valerie Bentley, Georgia Virtual School,Georgia, 5min missed, credit
  3. Betia Bentley, Ware County High School,Georgia, 2hours 18min missed, credit
  4. Thomas Watts, Monroe Area High School,Georgia,,5min missed, credit
  5. Zen McGill, Spencer High School,Georgia ,,30min missed, credit
  6. Angela Bateman, Columbia High School,Georgia,,0hrs missed, credit
  7. Yu Liu,Tri-Cities High School,Georgia,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  8. Julie Burroughs, Centennial High School,Georgia,,2hrs 30min missed, credit
  9. Julie Wade, Putnam County High School,Georgia,, 15 min missed, credit
  10. Mary Williams-Ervin, John A Ferguson High School,Florida,,0 hrs missed, credit
  11. Hetal Raval , Columbia High School, Georgia,, 1hr 15min missed,credit
  12. Kim Hatcher, Central High School,Georgia,,0 hrs missed, credit
  13. Eric Lozaw, Watertown High School,Connecticut,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  14. Melanie Lotz,Cambridge High School,Georgia,, 1 hr 1 min missed, credit
  15. Drew Fulkerson, Bowling Green High School,Kentucky,, 15min missed, credit
  16. Elizabeth Rueger,Lambert High School,Georgia,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  17. Keith Jackson, Oak Ridge High School, Tennessee,,8min missed, credit
  18. Jacqueline Bowman, Northeast High School,Georgia,,0 hrs missed, credit
  19. Pamela Hickman, Douglas County High School,Georgia,,0 hrs missed, credit
  20. Jose Helena, Shiloh High School, Georgia,, 0 hrs missed, credit
  21. Ava Brooks, Monroe Area High School,Georgia,, 15 min missed, credit
  22. Yaa Hatcher, South Paulding High School,Georgia,, 2hrs 20min missed, credit
  23. Suzanne Manahan, Kennesaw Mountain High School,Georgia,, 55min missed, credit
  24. Cory Maddox,Cass High School, Georgia,, 5min missed, credit
  25. Palak Jani, Creative Career Academy, Georgia,,1hr 15min missed, credit
  26. Ira Andrews,, Georgia,45 min missed, credit

Operation Reboot
  1. Ron Friedman, Lanier High School,, 0hrs missed, credit
  2. William Brown, Tri-Cities High School,,1hr 10min missed, credit
  3. Tanisha Foust, Sprayberry High School,, 0hrs missed, credit
  4. Rona Williams,North Gwinnett High School,,1hr missed, credit
  5. Carla McManus, Tri-Cities High School,, 0hrs missed, credit
  6. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson High School,, 1hr 20min missed, credit
  7. Leslie Munnerlyn,Dunwoody High School,, 20min missed, credit

Wait List:
  1. Leland Nicholson,Alpharetta High School,
  2. Rene Barge, Not listed,
  3. Felecia Moore, Callaway Middle School,
  4. Velmaera Cager, Cobb County Schools,
  5. Vershondra Glover, Ware County High School,
  6. Jennifer Uboh, Cherokee High School,
  7. Stephanie Felton, Columbia High School,
  8. Mary McCord, Centennial High School,
  9. Kellie Thayer, Republic Middle and High Schools,
  10. Rhonda Medford,North Carolina Virtual High School,
  11. Glendale Belcher, Westlake High School,
  12. Stacey Anthony, North Carolina Virtual School,

No Show:
  1. Joanne Thomas, National Cathedral School,
  2. Imhotep Brooks, Centennial High School,
  3. Michael Catlapp, Tranquillity High School,
  4. Joseph Buffington, Banneker High School,

  1. Kirk Porter, Liberty Christian School,
  2. Tara Whitteker,Wayne County High School,
  3. Karen Conlin, St. Agnes School,
  4. Rosario Robinson, Homeschool,
  5. Beth Williams, Kell High School,
  6. Regina Evans, Southwest High School,
  7. Timothy Cole, Hiram High School,

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