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Attendance List for March 22, 2012 Workshop

9 people with 2 from Op Reboot so pre-service (22%). 1 from region (11%)

Attendance List
  1. Lori Decker,, McIntosh High School, Fayette County, GA
  2. Ira Andrews,, Lakeside High School, left early
  3. Carole Myers,, Westside High School
  4. Sharon McGee,, Autrey Mill Middle School, left early
  5. Carol Cox,, Lakeside High School
  6. Akiba Gilbert,, Maynard Jackson High School - Operation Reboot co-teacher
  7. Stephanie Arrington, Parkview High School,,left early - Operation Reboot co-teacher

Operation Reboot
  1. Leslie Munnerlyn,, Dunwoody High School
  2. Ron Friedman,, Lanier High School

  1. William Brown, Tri Cities High School

No Show
  1. Leslie Randall Smart, Douglas County Schools

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