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Attendance at Jan 19, 2012 workshop

13 people attended 8 from Operation Reboot (61%) pre service. All local.

  1. Doris Bonaby, South Gwinnett High School, doris_bonaby at (arrived at 9)
  2. Theresa Friedman, Brookwood High School, theresa_friedman at (left after lunch)
  3. Tesheika Stewart, Southwest High School, tstewart.southwest at
  4. Jose Elpidio Helena, Shiloh HS, jose_helena at, credit
  5. Chavon Washington, Druid Hills HS, chavon_d_washington at, did 2 hours of extra work, credit

Operation Reboot:
  1. Richard Binkley, Parkview High School, richardbinkley at
  2. William Brown, Tri Cities High School, risg at (arrived at 9)
  3. Terry Foster, Maynard Jackson High School, fostertl at
  4. Tanisha Foust, Sprayberry High School, tw_foust at
  5. Ron Friedman, Lanier High School, ronfriedman at
  6. Carla McManus, Tri Cities High School, carla.mcmanus at
  7. Leslie Munnerlyn, Dunwoody High School, lamunnerlyn at
  8. Rona Williams, North Gwinnett High School,

  1. Marlena Booker, Mountain View High School,

No Show
  1. Natalie Hutchins, Fair Oaks Elementary School, natalie.hutchings at

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