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Directions to the Clough Undergraduate Learning Center (CULC)

For a campus map, please visit:
Enter "Clough" into the search bar on the map for driving directions.

It may be easier to park in the State Street Visitor Lot at the end of State Street
and Ferst Drive. It is free on the weekends. It charges $2.00 an hour now in advance. It does take credit cards.

If you park there, walk to the intersection of Ferst Drive and Atlantic Drive.

Walk down the street as if you were going to the College of Computing.

Follow the sidewalk until you reach the bottom of the hill. Here, the walkways intersect.

Make a left at this intersection of walkways. (The building in this image is the Clough Building.)

Continue walking on the walkway until you approach the Clough Building.

The entrance will be on your right.

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