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Alice Competition March 10, 2012

Alice Competition

View the Alice Competition 2012 Winners Here

The awards for the Alice Competition will be on Saturday March 10th from 2pm - 4pm in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building (KACB) room 1443. Students must register at by Feb 28th, 2012. After registration closes we will send out instructions to the students who registered about how to upload their projects.

We received 125 registrations from a total of 188 people. There were 71 for movie and 54 for games. There were 76 individual and 49 group. There was 1 elementary, 24 middle school, and 100 high school. Of the 77 individual entries there were 14 female and 63 male. Of the individual entries there were 10 Asian, 26 Black, 5 Hispanic, 4 Multi-racial, and 31 White. For the group entries there were 30 females and 81 males. In the group registrations there were 21 Asians, 24 Black, 13 Hispanic, 7 Multi-racial, 1 Native American, 36 white, and 6 other.

We had 81 actual entries from 127 people (6 entries were sent on a CD that didn't arrive in time).

The deadline for us to receive submissions will be Friday March 2nd at 11:59pm EST. Alice worlds can either be uploaded to a web site or submitted on a CDROM. CDROMs must also be received by Friday March 2nd. Alice worlds can also be uploaded to the website, but be aware that it can be difficult to upload very large Alice worlds. The instructions for uploading are at If you are mailing in a CD send it to:

GA Tech, College of Computing
ICE Programs: Stephanie Echols
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

There will be one division for elementary school students (4th - 5th graders), one for middle school students, and one for high school students. Awards will be given for both individual and group projects (up to 3 people per group). Projects will be judged based on creativity, originality, technical merit, and how well they follow good programming practices (comments, breaking tasks or scences into methods, putting the methods on the right objects, etc). There will be two categories of awards: movies and interactive games. The movies must be at least 15 seconds long and must be less than 2 minutes long. All movies must display some text to show that the movie is over (like "The End"). Interactive games can be submitted as well but a video (in Quicktime or AVI format) showing someone playing the game (just the screen capture we don't actually want to see the person playing the game) must be submitted with the game. The video of the person playing the game must be at least 15 seconds and less than 2 minutes long. You can use CamStudio or Camtasia to create the video. All interactive games must also include instructions (as a word doc or rtf) for playing the game.

We will give awards to at least one entry in each category if there are at least 5 entries in that category. In addition we will also give out the following special awards: Most Creative, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Educational Game, Best Educational Movie, Best Adventure Game, Best use of Music, Best use of Sound, Best use of Dialogue, and Best Original Idea.

Workers: Karmelia (J,E), Michelle (J,E), Madhuri(J), Naomi (J), Rita(J)

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