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Lightbot 2.0

Lightbot 2.0 is a free game that you can play in a browser. It allows you to program a robot with some simple commands like move forward one tile or turn 90 degrees left. The goal for each level of the game is to light up all the blue tiles.

You can play the game right in this window. It will load below this text. You will see some animation first and the authors logo and then a menu will appear on the left side and the music will start. Click on "play" in the menu on the left side below and then click on the first box after "BASICS". Click on the "BASICS 1 Let's get started" button to start the first level. Follow the yellow arrows to get started (click on what they point to, this doesn't support drag-and-drop). Or you can view a video on how to get started at

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If you don't see the game above this sentence try running it from here instead. If that site is blocked try this one

The code to embed this game is from

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