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Intro a girl to Engineering day Feb 18, 2012

Intro a Girl to Engineering- Feb 2012

This event will be held in the student center.

We will take 15 (5 for extra) WeDos and 13 (3 extra) Pleos and 22 (2 extra) laptops.

The girls will program pre-built WeDos to kick a ball or the goalie. They will also program the Pleos
using MySkit.

We will need 4-6 students.

Set-up starts at 8:30am. The event starts at 10am and goes till 12:00pm. We were done by 12:30pm

8:30am - Arrive for Activities set-up
10:00am - IAG participants (students) arrive; Activities begin.
12:00pm - IAG participants (students) head to luncheon. Activities clean-up
12:30pm - Activities clean-up ends. Volunteers free to leave.

Student Workers:
Cayla - lead

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