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Mountain Jubilee (Misty Mountain) - fall 2011

Mountain Jubilee (Misty Mountain) is an event where the girl scouts go camping with their Dads. They go to different activites each hour and we are providing one of the activities.

We will be going up on Friday night with 30 laptops and 30 LEGO NXT parts (if we have 3 students going or 20 laptops and robots if we have 2 students going) to make the 5 minute bot (see We will also bring flyers for our other Girl Scout events at Georgia Tech (about 200), power strips and extension cords, blue painters tape, the dot diva brochures, the imagine your future in computing brochures, and the talking points card from NCWIT. Give the flyers, brochures, and cards to parents. The flyers are very important since that is how we get more girls to attend our workshops at Georgia Tech.

You may need to do set-up the night before. You might need to put up tables and set up the chairs and power strips.

The Girl Scouts are providing dinner, breakfast, and lunch. You will be sleeping in cabins that have bathrooms and showers. You will need to bring a sleeping bag, flashlight, coat, towel, toiletries, and maybe earplugs. You will be sleeping in bunk beds. Dinner is served at 6:00pm on Friday.

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