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Name, Email, School, County

  1. Arrington, Stephanie - Parkview High Gwinnett
  2. Black, Roy - "Loveless Academic Magnet Program (LAMP) High School, Montgomery, AL
  3. Booker, Marlena - Mountain View High School Gwinnett
  4. Decker, Lori - McIntosh High School Fayette
  5. McGee, Sharon - Johns Creek High School Fulton
  6. Miller, Shannon - Dunwoody High School DeKalb
  7. Olney, Jefferson Northview High School
  8. Peek, Shirley - Northview High School Fulton
  9. Sims, Shannon Wade - "Sparkman High School, Madison, AL
  10. Richard Binkley - Op. Rbt Parkview High Gwinnett
  11. Leslie Munnerlyn - Op. Rbt Dunwoody high school Dekalb
  12. McGuire, Beverly Dunwoody high school Dekalb
  13. Friedman, Ron Lanier HS Gwinnett

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