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Attendance for the June 20-24, 2011 Beginning Programming workshop

Name, email, school, county
  1. Andrews, Ira -, Lakeside High School, Dekalb (2hrs and 20mins)
  2. Booker, Marlena -, GIVE East HS, Gwinnett (20mins)
  3. Cown, Tabatha -, Grayson High School, Gwinnett (30mins)
  4. Donahue, John -, Lamar County Comprehensive High School, Lamar (30mins)
  5. Haynes, Tara -, South Gwinnett High School, Gwinnett (1hr, 21mins)
  6. Liu, Yu -, Tri-Cities High School, Fulton (1.5hrs)
  7. Bush, Njemele -, Dale High School, Clayton (2hrs, 25mins)
  8. Whitteker, Tara -, Wayne Co High School, Wayne
  9. Peek, Shirley Denise -, Northview High School, Fulton
  10. McGill, Lazenza -, Spencer High School, Muscogee (10mins)
  11. Ham, Kristin -, Johns Creek High School, Fulton (8mins)
  12. Floyd, Edwina,, Columbia HS

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