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Femi T.

Femi's Page

Who am I!!!

Femi was born in Anderson, SC but raised in the city of Atlanta, GA. On the day he was born it was a hot about 95 degrees and the A/C was not functioning correctly. He is a graduate of Morehouse College located in Atlnta. He is unattached and but ladies he is available. He is currently a rising engineer in the field field of Informaton Technology, offering his skills and expertise to the highest bidder. Currently he is teaching at Morrow High School in Clayton county. Overall he is good a guy.

  • Attending sporting events
  • Shopping
  • Relaxing

Name Address Phone #'s Hobbies School/County Department
Femi T. Atlanta 770-555-3442 chillin" Morrow High School/Clayton County Business Education

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