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Attendance for Jan 23, 2011 - Advanced Scratch and Alice

  1. Joe Finkelstein, Howard High School, attended 1st webinar and showed work, credit
  2. Theresa Friedman, Brookwood High School
  3. Ria Galanos, Centennial High School
  4. Cristal Jones, Creekside High School
  5. Rosemary Lengsas, Mountain View High School, attended 1st webinar and showed work, attended 2nd webinar and showed work, credit
  6. Isobel Mason, Woodstock High School, missed first webinar but did show me work, credit
  7. Ryan McCann, Northside High School
  8. Leigh Rogers, River Ridge High School
  9. Brooke Skelton, Academy of Richmond County
  10. Jennifer Uboh, Cherokee High School
  11. Tara Whitteker, Wayne County High School, attenced webinar late and didn't show work
  12. Joseph Willard, Kendrick High School

  1. Jung Won Hur, Auburn University

Operation Reboot
  1. Cynthia Anderson , Towers High School
  2. Robert Bettis, GIVE Center
  3. Ramona Calvey , Luella High School
  4. Gregory Kinsey , Kennesaw Mountain High School
  5. Wing Yin Tsang , Woodstock High School

No Shows
  1. Garry Brown , Stephenson High School - no show
  2. LaShandia Hill , Rex Mill Middle School - no show

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