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Other computing summer camps in Georgia in 2011

The following colleges and univerisities in Georgia also offer computing summer camps.

There were 53 camps offered through Georgia Tech and our "seed" award winners in the summer of 2011. But, not all of these camps actually ran. We know that at least 46 did run between GT and seeded camps.

Georgia Gwinnett College - 3 weeks of camps (2 middle and 1 high school) (didn't do hs evals) - See
Columbus State University - 15 weeks of half-day camps - See
Mercer University - 4 weeks of camps broken up by age groups -
The University of Georgia - 6 total weeks (all cancelled) - See
Valdosta State University - 2 weeks for middle school and 2 for high school -
Spelman College - 2 weeks of middle school camps and 1 for high school (1 ms and 1hs) -
Georgia Tech Savannah - 4 for elem school, 4 for middle school, 2 for high school.

The Walker School (a private high school) will offer the following camps (see
Robotics Camp Level CS0 - June 13-15th - Rising 2nd-4th
Robotics Camp Level CSI - June 13-17th - Rising 4th-6th
Creative Computing and Robotics Camp Level II - June 20-24th - Rising 6th and 7th
iPhone Camp - June 27 - July 1st - Rising 10th - 12th (cancelled)
Contact Thomas Cooper at for more information (

Brookwood High School in Gwinnett County will offer the following camp (contact
RoboCamp 2011 - June 20-23 - Rising 6th-8th - from 9am - 12pm for $70

Grayson High School in Gwinnett County will offer the following camps (
LEGO WeDo, Scratch, and Pleo robots - June 20-23 for rising 3rd-5th graders for $70
LEGO NXT, Alice, and Pleo robots - June 20-23 for rising 6th-8th graders for $70

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