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Java Test Bank

Message from Stanley Dominski

Dear Computer Science Teachers,
If you are one of the 400 or so that have received the FREE Java Test
Bank, I encourage you to share the news with High School CS Teachers who
do not have lots of Java testing and study material for their students.
All that is required is a request with the name, address and phone number
of the high school where they teach, and the below material will be sent
via email:

Java=>/ tests / in-class / at-home study chapters
(and other useful material)

1) "Beginning JavaScript" by Paul Wilton
Chapters 1 - 6

2) "Beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4" by Ivor Horton
Chapters 1 - 17 excluding 11,14,18 plus...

"Thinking In Java" by Bruce Eckel
from Chapter 8 my "Collection Notes"

3) "Beginning Java Objects" by Jacquie Barker
Chapters 1 - 11 & 16

4) "Objects First with Java A Practical Approach using BlueJ
by David Barnes and Michael Kolling
Chapters 1 - 7

5) Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
by Robert LaFore
Chapters 1 - 4

6) "Java Software Solutions"
by Lewis Loftus and Cocking
Chapters 9 and 10

7) "An Eventful Approach"
by Thomas Murtagh, Kim Bruce and Andrea Danyluk
Chapter 11 "Recursion"

8) "UML at a Glance" by Steven Metsker
Appendix C from Design Patterns Java Workbook

9) "Computer Setup Paper"
(for getting started in JBuilder and BlueJ IDEs)

10) "Instructional Strategies with Critical Thinking
and Project Sequence Guidelines Daily Check Sheet"

11) "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way"

12) My Java Syllabus

13) My web site broken down into 10 lessons that includes:

blueflax[1]2.html (Main html page)
blueflax[1]2CSS.css (Cascaded style sheet page)
JS6.5.html (Java Script page )
How to ask Questions the Smart Way ( secondary page)
UMLatAGlance (secondary page)

God bless you !

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