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Alice Competition March 19, 2011

We had 104 complete registrations and 134 partial registrations. We ended up with 79 entries from 132 students.
The registrations were 60% group and 40% individual. For individual entries we had 84% male and 16% female registrations. For group registrations we had 68.5% male and 31.4% female. Individual Race: white 45.5%, black 38.6%, 4.5 Hispanics, 4.5 multi-racial, and 4.5% native and 2.3% other. Grades: 9th 34.1%, 10th 13.6%, 11th 18.2% and 12th 18.2%.


2011 Alice Competition Winners

High School Category: Individual Movies
First: Corey Fogg - Kennesaw Mountain High School
Second: Emma Herron - Rutland High School
Third: Aaron Hollingshed - Woodstock High School

High School Category: Individual Game
First: Matthew Harper - Rutland High School
Second: Steven Welday - North Cobb High School
Third: Ezechi Njoku - Luella High School

High School Category: Group Movie
First: George Deng, Kristna Mehta, and Courtni Young - Northview High School
Second: Brexton Pham and Grant Hinton - Kennesaw Mountain High School
Third: Joshua Siniard and Lizzie Cannon - Kennesaw Mountain High School

High School Category: Group Game
First (tie): Matthew Segars and Sydney Smith "Wilson" Curry - Whitefield Academy
First (tie): Cody Ulrich, Michael Morrow and Reginald Hunter - Luella High School
Second: Barlow Marriott and Tyler Andrews - Whitefield Academy

Winners for the Special Awards

Most Creative:
Johnathon Gookins and Shilpa Jais - Kennesaw Mountain High School

Best Comedy:
Imani Sanders and Cyrus Zeerak - Kennesaw Mountain High School

Best Drama:
Danielle Harrison, Miranda Rousey, and Samantha Harkin - Rutland High School

Best Educational Game:
Nik Thompson - North Cobb High School

Best Educational Movie:
Matt Snyder - Whitefield Academy

Best Adventure Game:
Landon Ragusa and Ryan Kolar - Luella High School

Best use of Music:
Adrian Gutierrez and Melissa Downey - Kennesaw Mountain High School

Best use of Sound:
Randy Clark - Northeast High School

Best use of Dialogue:
Ben Woodson and Alvin Moore III - Kennesaw Mountain High School

Best Original Idea:
Tristan Stephens - Rutland High School

The awards for the Alice Competition will be on Saturday March 19th from 2pm - 4pm. The event will take place in the Molecular Science and Engineering Building (901 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA), room G011. Students must register at by March 7th, 2011.

The deadline for us to receive submissions will be Friday March 11th at 11:59pm. Alice worlds can either be uploaded to a web site or submitted on a CDROM. CDROMs must also be received by Friday March 11th. Alice worlds can also be uploaded to the website, but be aware that it can be difficult to upload very large Alice worlds. The instructions for uploading are at If you are mailing in a CD send it to:

GA Tech, College of Computing
ICE Programs
ATTN: Felicia Brewster
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

There will be one division for elementary school students (4th - 5th graders), one for middle school students, and one for high school students. Awards will be given for both individual and group projects (up to 3 people per group). Projects will be judged based on creativity, originality, technical merit, and how well they follow good programming practices (comments, breaking tasks or scences into methods, putting the methods on the right objects, etc). There will be two categories of awards: movies and interactive games. The movies must be at least 15 seconds long and must be less than 2 minutes long. All movies must display some text to show that the movie is over (like "The End"). Interactive games can be submitted as well but a video (in Quicktime or AVI format) showing someone playing the game (just the screen capture we don't actually want to see the person playing the game) must be submitted with the game. The video of the person playing the game must be at least 15 seconds and less than 2 minutes long. You can use CamStudio or Camtasia to create the video. All interactive games must also include instructions (as a word doc or rtf) for playing the game.

We will give awards to at least one entry in each category if there are at least 5 entries in that category. In addition we will also give out the following special awards: Most Creative, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Educational Game, Best Educational Movie, Best Adventure Game, Best use of Music, Best use of Sound, Best use of Dialogue, and Best Original Idea.

Workers: Nikea,Michelle, Haritha, Mae, Andres, Karmelia

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