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AP Bowl, April 16, 2011

We had 104 students from 17 schools take the practice exam. The top score was 36 and we had 5 people tie for 2nd with 35. We had 115 students register from 13 schools with 24.3% female and 75.7% male. By race it was 56.5% White, 26.1% Asian, 7.8% Black, 3.5% Hispanic, 3.5% multiracial, and .9% native, and 1.7% other. We gave out about $3,000 in prizes.

Winners of the April 16, 2011 AP Bowl

The event will take place in the Klaus building in rooms 2443, 2447, and 2456 from 1pm - 3:30pm. See to register. This year we are asking students to register individually (teachers are still welcome to make arrangements for transportation for the students and are welcome to attend).

You can park in the State Street Visitor lot which is at State Street and Ferst Drive. (This lot is free on Saturdays).

We will probably give away at least $3,000 this year. We will give prizes to the top 5 finishers and the rest of the prizes will be raffled off to the rest of the students who take the practice exam.

This will be a paper-based multiple choice test similar to the AP CS A multiple choice part. There will be 40 questions and students will have 75 minutes to complete the exam.

Teachers do not have to attend in order for the students to attend. There will be an information session for parents while the students are taking the exam. There will also be tours available of Georgia Tech.

Students should bring a pen or pencil.

Workers: Haitha, Madhuri, Nikea, Sravya, Karmelia

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