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Attendance for AP CS A - Nov 19, 2010

  1. Stephanie Arrington, Parkview High
  2. Bryan Cox, Lakeside High School - arrived late
  3. Sharon Evans, Northview High School
  4. Crystal Furman, Brookwood High School - left at 2:45
  5. Ria Galanos, Centennial High School
  6. Schmekia Hamm-Tate, Morrow High School - arrived 30 minutes late; left before 2:45 (Op. Reboot Teacher)
  7. Tom Hatcher, Alpharetta High School
  8. Tekisha Hollis, Redan High School - arrived 45 minutes late; left at 2:45
  9. Allen Johnson, Chamblee Charter High School - arrived 60 minutes late
  10. Kyle Justice, Whitefield Academy - arrived 20 minutes late: left early
  11. Pamela McKee, Lakeside High School
  12. Mary Reynolds, The Westminster Schools
  13. Renee Smith, Grayson HS - arrived 30 minutes late, credit
  14. Katie Stilson, St. Pius X Catholic High School
  15. Karen Zayance, Woodstock High, credit

No shows:
N'jemele Bush
Vikki Harmon, Jonesboro High School - canceled
Zen McGill, Spencer High School - not a current AP CA teacher

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