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Registration for Greenfoot - October 23, 2010

Registration for Greenfoot - October 23, 2010.

  1. Belinda, Dickinson, Champion Theme Middle School - not registered via ctaern
  2. Christopher, Michaud, Nebo Elementary School - arrived at 12:30pm
  3. Cristi, Boyd, Hardaway High School, attended, credit
  4. Gail, Chapman, Luella High School
  5. Ira, Andrews, Lakeside High School - departed at 1:20pm
  6. Jennifer, Uboh, Cherokee High School - departed at 12:00
  7. Joi, Bynum, Riverdale High School
  8. Stephanie, Pendley, Alexander High School
  9. Steven, Thedfod, Dekalb Online Academy- departed at 12:00
  10. Suzanne, Manahan, Kennesaw Mountain HS, credit
  11. Vincent, Watson, Redan High School
  12. Yu, Liu, Tri-Cities HS - arrived at 9am; departed early
Private School
  1. Mary, Reynolds, The Westminster Schools
IT Workers
  1. Cynthia, Anderson, Towers HS
  2. Robert, Bettis, GIVE Center East
No shows:
  1. Ramona Calvey, Luella (sick)
  2. Kimberley, Hatcher, Central Middle/High School - incomplete (SM)
  3. Teneshia, Skrine, Fulton Leadership Academy - not registered via ctaern
  4. Leslie, Smart, Alexander High School
  1. Tara, Haynes, South Gwinnett High School
  2. Dianna, Johnson, Chapel Hill High School- Canceled
  3. Sharon, McGee, Northview High School - canceled
  4. Jo Ray, Van Vliet, Towns County Middle School - canceled

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