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Sept 22, 2010 - Getting Started with Scratch for High School

This webinar will help you start working with Scratch in High Schools. It will show you how to
introduce Scatch, how to create a simple 2D animation with Scratch, how to modify some of the existing
examples in Scratch, how to create a variable to use or a score for a game, and how to find more resources for

Here is the recording of the webinar

Materials for the webinar are here:
Intro Scratch 3 hour middle-to-high school details
Lesson Plan, Rubric, and Slides

Additional Resources
Scratch web site
Scratch Build your own Block version from Berkeley
Video tutorials for learning scratch are also at and some created by students are at
45 hours of teaching materials for high school are at
Good review of Scratch by Dick Baldwin
On-line tutorials for Scratch by Dick Baldwin
Exploring Computer Science Curriculum including Scratch
Distance learning site by Georgia Tech students
Book: Scratch 1.4
Book: Scratch Programming for Teens

The webinar will start at 8:00pm EST and end at 9:00pm EST. Click here to register./a All you need is a browser and an internet connection.
Go to to participate.

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