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Tri Cities Nov 13th, 2010

ICE will offer two workshops on Nov 13, 2010 at Tri Cities High School from 1pm to 4pm for high school students.
Tri Cities will provide two rooms. In one room we will do Scratch with the WeDo sensors. In the other room we will do LEGO robots. Georgia Tech will provide the LEGO robot kits, laptops for the robot kits, and the WeDo sensors. We will do a pre-survey and a post-survey. Tri Cities will advertise the event.

We are bringing 12 LEGO NXT kits. We will also bring at least 22 laptops (12 for use the robots and 10 for addtional computers for Scratch). Tri Cities has 20 computers with Scratch in a large room. We will bring 20 WeDo sensor kits. We will also bring extension cords, blue painters tape, white poster board, and black electrical tape.

LEGO: Kosh, Andres, Karmelia

Scratch: Hannah (Lead) Naomi, and Nikea

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