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Attendance for Robot Basics - Aug 28, 2010

  1. Diahn Taylor - Towers High School
  2. Isobel Mason-Woodstock High School, attended, credit
  3. Jeannie Poley-Marietta High School
  4. Jennifer Uboh-Cherokee High School
  5. Jo Ray Van Vliet-Towns County Middle School, attended, credit
  6. Rosemary Lengsas-Mountain View High School
  7. LaShandia Hill-Rex Mill Middle School
  8. Leslie Smart-Alexander High School
  9. Dharma Stevens-Fulton Leadership Academy
  10. Jacqueline Bowman - North East HS
  11. Reginald Thompson-Tucker Middle School

Private School
  1. Margaret Allen-Mill Springs Academy

IT Worker
  1. Ramona Calvey-Luella High
  2. Jeanne Earley -Alpharetta HS
  3. Cynthia Anderson-Towers HS
  4. Latonya Herring-Columbia HS
  5. Clotovis Barker-Williams-Cedar Grove high School
  6. Wing Yin Tsang - Woodstock High School
  7. Greg Kinsey-Kennesaw Mountain High School

  1. Georgia Grossett-Dale-Dept of Education

No Shows
Henry Laws
Chavon Washington
Leigh Rogers
Morris Langston
Garry Brown-Stephenson High School
John Donahue-Lamar County Comprehensive High School

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